Pam Egan has been an artist since the 1960's. She studied art at Colorado State University and continued her studies with a large variety of artists in classes and workshops in London, Minnesota, Wisconsin and New Mexico. For the last forty years she has painted portraits of people and animals,landscapes, still life and wall murals. Her paintings and sculptures are in private collections in Chicago, Madison, Phoenix, London, Saint Barthelemy and Santa Fe

The last two years she has emerged as a sculptor, fulfilling a need for three dimensional expression. She creates an original piece in wax, has it cast into bronze and finishes with various patinas and textures. She is constantly examining new imagery, drawing her subjects from dance, sports, yoga and everyday life. The anonymity of her figures counter balances the intimacy of touch and the expression of love.

"I enjoy seeing space and movement in a piece and also emotion demonstrated by physical gestures. Texture is very important to me as each piece comes alive in my hands. I think the size of my sculptures keeps them personal and versatile. I enjoy moving them to change the mood of a room"

Lisa Gordon, a Santa Fe sculptor, describes Pam's work perfectly. "Her lyrical bronze figures are frozen in a moment of kinetic grace. Inspired by the body's fluid movement Pam loosely sculpts her one of a kind pieces. The final result emanates a casual charm. Even in her more energetic pieces there is a subtle quietness that draws the viewer in for a closer look"